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REAL FRIENDS are rare, a blessing from above. Real friends are significant others who supplement, then complement, then support and encourage our "wish to become more present within ourselves" so that we can see ourselves "as we are." While encouraging our essence to deepen and grow, real friends will surely enjoy our persona -- but never cater to its weaknesses.

One Way of Working with This: We hold in mind an ideal mental image of real friendship while we see and sense ourself "as we are" in our relationships with others; and, from these actions of mind and body, a longing toward the ideal can begin to arise in us: An energy of another level might now be available to us for our work.

Here are a few accounts of other's personal experiences with real friends. Such books can inspire us to work toward real friendship with others.
Click on Glimpses of Real Friendship.

Elizabeth & John Bennett at Sherborne, Thursday, December 12, 1974, the day before he died.
  Elizabeth & John Bennett at Sherborne, Thursday, December 12, 1974, the day before he died. ©Avis Rappaport-Licht

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